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Avatar for retgasman
I wonder if there is a problem with local prizes ? I have won twice now and have not received any emails at all about prize claim.
9/2/2014 9:34:52 AMEST
Avatar for bella
I was a local winner last week never got an e-mail ...Is there local prizes???
8/31/2014 8:57:17 PMEST
Avatar for Skyedog
Would be nice if the Sun is running a golf contest that they should cover the golf more fully than a few blurbs in the back section of the sports, also a full golf standings would be extremely helpful in making informed picks...for those of us who aren't computer -wise!!!
8/31/2014 9:19:25 AMEST
Avatar for ichivandy
Join Yahoo Pro Football Survivor group at ID# 1648 password dork (one strike and adios).
8/30/2014 5:49:13 PMEST
Avatar for Mitt Rob
Mitt Rob
Lucky me, was the National Winner Last Week.
8/27/2014 10:58:55 PMEST
Avatar for old school
old school
Gonna be fun this week pix due after day 1
8/27/2014 10:16:30 PMEST
Avatar for gramps1
haven't heard anything from swami2132 for a while or reynaldo but I do see where a guy from Quincy is in first and 20th and 31 and 32 not bad for a bunch of what did you call us oh yes white trash stupid people
8/27/2014 3:22:11 PMEST
Avatar for ronald
you can also read the rules of the contest. it will tell you what you need to. collect your prize . go to welcome and click on to the official rules. hope will help you.
8/26/2014 10:45:54 AMEST
Avatar for ronald
if you win the winner will notified by email only. you have 7 days to answer the email to claim the prize. if you not answer the email, it will be forfeited to some next high score winner
8/26/2014 10:42:53 AMEST
Avatar for banger
I was the local winner this past week. How do I claim my prize? This is the 4th time I have been a local winner but never hearing of any prize coming my way.
8/25/2014 9:25:24 AMEST

I thought the rules said that a family member of a News Tribune employee was ineligible, but nope he's No. 1 in our group. I think there's some player/score changing after hours.
8/25/2014 5:23:35 AMEST
Avatar for gbear
What is going on with the leaderboard. Please fix. Seems the same thing happened once last year..
8/19/2014 9:29:28 AMEST
Avatar for holen2
Fix the total earnings on leader board,
8/18/2014 6:04:24 PMEST
Avatar for Papabear
Yay! uPICKEM fixed the glitch! Thank you for the proper correction! I greatly appreciate it!
8/18/2014 5:32:23 PMEST
Avatar for mitchusob
Was Fredrik even IN the Wyndham tournament? What a rip! That my friends is a JOKE!
8/18/2014 9:50:02 AMEST
Avatar for Papabear
Exactly there is only one PGA player his real name is Fredrik Jacobson his nick name is Freddie? So it's a glitch and it cost me a prize? That's BS WTF is that all about?
8/18/2014 3:46:17 AMEST
Avatar for monin
WTF ... Freddie - Fredrik? Same guy .. no?
8/17/2014 11:12:47 PMEST
Avatar for skivt
Sorry it is FREDDIE Jacobbson not Fredrik~~there r 2 Jacobson~~you got the wrong"F"
8/17/2014 6:53:53 PMEST
Avatar for Papabear
I picked Fredrik Jacobson on my team this week, he finished 2nd and I got no points for him? It says he was cut??
8/17/2014 6:18:07 PMEST
Avatar for gramps1
not all locals will let non locals win, ours dose not it even says they do not and puts a red star by them so you know that they cant win all the locals need to do the same
8/15/2014 8:31:40 PMEST
Avatar for 1crossfire
Why isn't Ernie Els listed in the Wyndham tournament? He is in the tournament, but he is not listed in the Wyndham roster.
8/15/2014 9:50:39 AMEST
Avatar for trout2714
I won the PGA Championship. Kind of a let down when you win a foursome to a 9 hole golf course for winning one of four majors. Any prior winners get one of the ten 18 hole courses or does every winner get the Heritage?
8/14/2014 8:45:15 AMEST
Avatar for skivt
izy10 look at my 7/27/14 notation;very apparent cerain ones have entered multiple times.I asked sponser here about wkly winners from TX,ME,FL CO;they gave them to affilate stationWHO MAILED them out?!! Those non-locals r druling over $500 grand localprize
8/11/2014 9:30:50 PMEST
Avatar for izy1
The administrators need to make a rule change-only be allowed to play in your LOCAL if you LIVE in proximity of your sponser. Play your own STATE/AREA. That will solve a lot of "why didn't I win" AND maybe players wouldn't be 150 out of 500 in their local when there are only 50 locals to begin with. It sure would make it more fair to the locals. How about it?
8/11/2014 5:55:56 PMEST

Someone just enlightened me on the eligibility requirements which states 1. ELIGIBILITY: Employees of Sponsor and participating affiliates (the "Promotion Parties"), and members of the immediate family (spouse, parent, child, sibling and their respective spouse) and households of each such employee are not eligible to participate or win a prize. I
8/11/2014 1:15:28 PMEST
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